CREAT, as a high-tech enterprise with a history of nearly 30 years, fulfills its social responsibilities from two aspects. On one hand, the company provides advanced technology, products and services to the society, uses its own knowledge for technical research and development and management, and makes CREAT a better and bigger company. Therefore, it can promote the technical progress of the power system, create more material wealth with higher technological content for the society, generate more tax revenue, provide more employment opportunities, train more high-quality talents, and support public welfare properly. On the other hand, the company actively responds to the call of the national energy revolution and keeps a foothold in energy industry by closely following the national electricity reform policy. It provides the society with green clean energy (photovoltaic + energy storage, charging devices) in the production field, technical support and high-end equipment for the energy internet (micro-energy network) in the technical field, integrated energy management and services such as power sales, Internet + power operation and maintenance, energy saving, power quality control, demand side response and management in the consumer sector, thus enabling users have access to green, safe, high-quality, and low-cost electricity so that complementary use of various kinds of energy horizontally and mutual aid of source, network, charge and storage vertically can be realized, improving the use ratio of clean energy, optimizing the allocation of resources, achieving high efficiency of resource utilization, and ultimately achieving the greatest social benefits, the greatest customer satisfaction, and the largest corporate profits. 

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