CREAT Assisted Shunyi District in Establishing 1st Coal to Electricity Substation


On September 28, 10KV indoor switchgear supplied by CREAT successfully put into operation in the 110kV/63MVA Dongying substation in Shunyi District, which marked the formal operation of the first "coal to electricity" substation in Shunyi District.

CREAT supplied 66 pieces of indoor switchgears for the construction of Dongying Substation. From equipment entry on July 12th till its successful operation on September 28th, it lasted for 77 days. This project not only accelerated "Coal to Electricity" supporting transmission and transformation project, but also effectively solved the load power demand in the old district of Shunyi, optimize the power grid structure, improve regional power supply reliability and provide guarantee for people to feel at ease to use power in winter. 

Apart from Dongying, Shunyi, which took the lead, the 10KV indoor switchgears manufactured by CREAT will be supplied to other four areas including Zhangzhen, Shunyi, Zhougezhuang, Huairou, Ming Tombs in Changping and business zone of Miyun. Each station will be supplied with 66 pieces of switchgears. In the process of commissioning and inspection, under the strict requirements put forward by Beijing Power Supply Company, our company responded positively and finally made sure the project is put into operation smoothly. 

During the construction of the project, sales, production, technology and service departments put into a great deal of effort to provide strong support in project design, equipment manufacture, on-site commissioning, technical support and materials support to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, help the company to accumulate rich experience and provide favorable performance cases for the acquisition of sales contracts in future.

 In the future, our company will continue to uphold the motto of customers-oriented, and all employees will earnestly carry out the spirit of "integrity, self-discipline, dedication and innovation" to help the company develop continuously and steadily and make contribution to the blue sky of the capital city. 
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